Rabu, 10 Disember 2008

Enough Already

The Star Paper Dec 10/2008 headline read "Enough Already"....Well I don't think so. I dont bother reading it anymore.Just simply fed up already.It has been years since the tragic Highland Towers plus many others and yet we never learned.Only when a major incident had happened, the media, the big powerful people up there,starts stirring things up.They start talking a thousand useless words.Too late fellas! You are all birds of feathers.Just keep on with it.Cut down those hills..! Put up bungalows and condos up tha! So you rich folks wanna have a splendid view ah? Now you have it.Good for y'all buying your own luxury grave.
There are Bukit Gasing.A hill near jalan Kasah,Dmnsara.The hills around Selayang and Gombak and many more ready to go.So much talk about saving nature.Such a shameless hypocrites.You who buy these properties are also the ugly greedy creatures that shamelessly walk upon this earth! So you better think, not twice but think and think and think.....Is your wealth and fortune that good?
My sympathy only goes to this tortured earth,to the monkeys,the babi hutan (wild boars) and other wild spesies that have lost their eco system.They have been roaming around human dwellings with fear.But do they have a choice?

This is a lyric of song I dedicate to nature.

Membunuh alam
Semakin mencengkam
Kedamaian semakin hilang

Hutan batu terus bercambah
Hutan rimba terus di rebah
Asap racun di ruang udara
Sesak nafas yang aku rasa

Sungai sungai semakin kotor
Sampah sarap bertabur tabur
Bukit bukau terus di cukur
Kehijauan semakin luntur

Pencemaran di daratan
Pencemaran di lautan
Di gunung ganang dan langit lepas
Tiada ruang yang bebas

Di mana kesedaran kita?
Dimana tanggungjawab kita?
Ini kah hasil kita dgn teknologi?
Apa yg tinggal untuk generasi

Translation goes

Pollution is killing nature
Pollution is gripping
Tranquility is about gone

Concrete jungle is rising
Natural jungle is fading
Poison smoke fills the air
Choking me to death

Rivers are getting dirty
Rubbish are strewn around
Hills are levelled down
The greenery are about gone

Pollution on the land
Pollution in the ocean
On the mountains and in the sky
Not a space ever spared

Where is the contiousness?
Where is the obligation?
Is this the result of technology?
What is left for the generation?

I wrote this tune quite many years ago.I have it sung at various places and events.The last time was at ECOFILM FEST and Sahabat Alam Malaysia FRIM,Kepong.Never had it recorded yet.
My other favourite tune that sing to nature is John Mayall's "Nature Disappearing" from USA Union album.
All I can do is write about it.Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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Budak Nakal berkata...

Thanks Nan, for performing at Eco Film Fest 2008. Next year I'll definitely call you and Julian for EFF2009.

Write new environmental songs. We probably can record it next year for the soundtrack!

Fadly @ BudakNakal


Azimah Bentan berkata...

Sejuk baca tulisan Abang nan. Teruskan perjuangan. Kami sentiasa bersama Abang Nan.

Nan Blues berkata...

Thnk you guys for your support.Insyaallah, I will carry on this message for nature with strong will.

ubilepih berkata...

blues weh...sebagai pencinta alam yg hardcore...keh ucapkan ribuan terima kasih pada auk weh..kerana tak cakna dgn alam sekitar lepih skrg byk bnyak dah tanah runtuh.Bro nanti keh nak buat lirik tentang enviriment gak..nanti bole lah auk blueskan..ari tu meor dah buat satu utk keh...ari2 keh layan lagu tu..ha..ha..pepalih weh